Apartments for Short-Term Rent in Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Holiday Rentals

Offers short-term rental apartments in the Ciudad Vieja neighborhood.

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  1. The landlord does not honour his reservations. I booked the Palacio Salvo in 2010, 11 months in advance, paid the deposit when I booked and updated relevant personal information to the landlord and the building manager months before my arrival. Only 4 weeks before my departure for Montevideo the landlord dropped my reservation and offered me a lesser apartment or return of my deposit, claiming that the building manager had booked Palacio Salvo in 2011 with another client, well after my booking and deposit. I asked if the landlord had been offered a longer term stay and therefore stood to earn more money than for my short term rental and he did not comment. Mr. Eduardo [last name deleted] returned my deposit. My wife was born in Montevideo and we had wanted to return and stay in the iconic Palacio Salvo to capture that special memory of the past however the late cancellation meant that all of the other unique rentals had been booked. I thought the landlord’s conduct was unprofessional and lacked integrity.

    [Edited by request to remove personal info. -- Shirley (admin)]


    17 Sep 11 at 7:36 pm

  2. Greetings:

    I did have to cancel Mr. Carl [last name deleted]’s reservation due to an error by an online reservation systems, sudden drop of service which took over a week to resolve.
    I did offer them an alternative in the same building with a heavily discounted rate but he declined. I thus refunded 100% of his reservation fee. His cancelation occured well over a month before his travel date which was plenty of time for another reservation.
    I did try to resolve my mistake but Mr Carl [last name deleted] declined.
    thank you for your understanding.

    [Edited to remove personal info. -- Shirley (admin)]


    31 Jul 12 at 10:22 pm

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