Apartments for Short-Term Rent in Montevideo, Uruguay

Montevideo Rent

Offers short-term rental apartments in the Centro and Cordón neighborhoods.

For more information, go directly to the website:

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  1. attempted to book an apartment. Website is in English and Spanish, beyond asking price in English I received no futher responses. Upon asking in Spanish I was told minimum $100 to be sent by western union to hold the apartment. Upon asking futher details about check in procedure address of property etc in both Spanish and English I was given no futher details than a rush to send money via western union. Found this to be sketchy and not very friendly.. Their website does state ‘with the warmn attention of the owners’ Does not hold up to what they state. I would look elsewhere…


    2 Sep 10 at 12:25 am

  2. The owner of the apartment, Liza, was very friendly. There were no problems with sending the deposit through Western Union. I know it’s sketchy to send money via Western Union to a foreign country but Liza was very trustworthy. The apartment was really well kept and the view was absolutely amazing. The location is superb, right in the middle of downtown Montevideo within walking distance of everything (restaurants, shops, tons of bus lines, Rambla). I would definitely recommend this apartment.


    30 Nov 10 at 11:05 pm

  3. I got the same response as SATraveler. Sending money via western union with no contract (like that would matter anyway in another country) seems way to shady. With paypal or your credit card company, at least you have someone to protest to if it doesn’t turn out to be legit.


    19 May 11 at 1:15 pm

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